vineri, 14 mai 2010

13 August 1313

I was in a hurry. My hunger was driving me insane. I had to find some kind of animal to drink its blood, but there was nothing around. Or I just couldn`t see it.
And then, something caught my attention. She was looking after her cat..I think..or something like that, i can`t remember. I appeared in front of her and when she saw me she froze. I could hear her thoughts, her breath, I could feel her fear. Her face was pale, her eyes had tears, her lips were slightly parted...her red, red lips...I was amazed of her human beauty. Oh! And her blood! That smell was yelling at me. I have no idea of how I was able to control my hunger.
I approached her slowly. She froze and began to stare at me. I smiled at her thoughts: "He is terrifying! But so beautiful! He has shabby clothes and i can see his pale skin. OH! His eyes! They are blue!Wow! And his hair...long, blond. And this makes him look more unreal than he already is!"
She was so foolish. She thought that I`m a man...well, I`m NOT! I am an Animal!
But i was foolish too. Even though her blood had a rare fragrance, I didn`t bite her to temper my thirst. I don`t know why; I simply couldn`t do it. "Stupid vampire!" I muttered running and letting my prey there.
I should have bitten her neck and drunk all her blood. All that sweet blood. Instead, I ran away and hid in a tree to recover a little. It was as if I were poisoned.
After a couple of minutes, I saw a deer.I killed it and drank its blood, feeling relieved. Then I returned to my so-called "home".

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Asaaaa!!! Kiki likes this!
And the picture too! <3 E superba! :P

Anonim spunea...

si acum va prezentam Twilight Reloaded ;)) e dragutza povestea :X si mi-am dat seama ce muza ai avut pt rolul vampirului :-"...blong...ochi albastii... anyway, sti k poza asta e coperta unei carti, dar nu mai stiu exact cum se numea :-?... "Hotel Transilvania" parca :-??

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